Leonardo Art/Science Evening Rendezvous of 14 December 2022

Online Edition

Exploring the Frontiers of Knowledge and Imagination, Fostering Interdisciplinary Networking
Hosted from University of San Francisco
by prof. Tami Spector and Piero Scaruffi

During the covid pandemic, this online program replaces the physical L.A.S.E.R.s that were planned at Stanford University and University of San Francisco.
The USF LASERs are sponsored by the Dean of the College of Arts and Science.
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(Note: All times are California time)

    December 14 @ 12pm (California time)
    A Special LASER: "Art & Science at Ars Electronica 2022" with:
    Christa Sommerer (Austria-France) on "The Artwork as a Living System"
    Klaus Spiess (Austria) on "Ecolalia"
    Bill Ayton (Media Artist) on "Interplanetary VR Sustainable Futures"
    Annick Bureaud (France) on "Art and Science"

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    Christa Sommerer (Media Artists, Live from France-Austria) on "The Artwork as a Living System"
    After the event, the video will be posted here.

    Christa Sommerer is an internationally renowned media artist working in the field of interactive computer installation. She is currently a professor at the University of Art and Design in Linz Austria where she heads the Department for Interface Culture at the Institute for Media. Previously she held a position as Artistic Director and Researcher at the ATR Media Integration and Communications Research Lab in Kyoto, Japan, where she led a research team to design interactive environments that combine novel human-machine interaction experiences, artificial life and evolutionary image design. In 1992 Sommerer teamed up with French media artist Laurent Mignonneau, and they created numerous interactive computer installations, which have been called "epoch making" (Toshiharu Itoh, NTT-ICC museum) and have subsequently been presented in countless media exhibitions and media collections around the world. Sommerer and Mignonneau have won mayor international media awards, including the "Golden Nica" Ars Electronica Award for Interactive Art.

    Klaus Spiess (Live from Austria) on "Ecolalia"
    After the event, the video will be posted here.

    Klaus Spiess directs the Art&Science program at the Center of Public Health, Medical University in Vienna as a associate professor. He has published extensively in academic journals (Performance Research, Lancet ao) and exhibited his work at Beall Center Arts&Technology, Irvine; Prix Ars Electronica, Haus der Kulturen, Berlin ao.

    Bill Ayton (Media Artist) on "Interplanetary VR Sustainable Futures"
    After the event, the video will be posted here.

  • Bill Ayton is an XR artist, specializing in large-scale AR public art & VR environments integrating 2D painting & drawing. Ayton teaches 3D Digital Art, as Artist-in-Residence at ASU Meteor Studio, HIDA. He studied at Edinburgh College of Art and has shown art at the UN (NYC & Geneva), in private & public spaces in Europe, US, Canada & beyond.

  • Annick Bureaud (Art Critic and Curator) on "Art and Science - Out of the Bubble"
    After the event, the video will be posted here.

    Annick Bureaud is an independent art critic, curator and event organiser in the field of art and technosciences. She wrote numerous articles and contributes to the French contemporary art magazine art press. She organised many symposia, conferences and workshops among which Visibility – Legibility of Space Art. Art and Zero Gravity: The Experience of Parabolic Flight, project in collaboration between Leonardo/Olats and the International Festival @rt Outsiders, Paris, 2003. In 2009, she co-curated the exhibition (Un)Inhabitable? Art of Extreme Environments, Festival @rt Outsiders, MEP/European House of Photography, Paris. In 2018, she curated the Bourges Bandits-Mages Festival Mending the Fabric of the World. In 2019, she published-curated the online hypertext video capsule about the artwork Neotenous Dark Dwellers – Lygophilia by Robertina Šebjanic. In 2020, she initiated The Traveling Plant project and ran the Roots & Seeds XXI.Biodiversity crisis and plant resistance project for Leonardo/Olats that ended in 2022 when the project More-Than-Planet started. She is the director-curator of Leonardo/Olats.
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